After creating a podcast three girls find they are in way over their head.
This film follows three women that find themselves in way over their heads after creating a podcast about a murder. In this film I am responsible for the writing, cinematography, and the sound and picture editing. One of the strengths of this film is the story and how it is able to transition between the multiple locations smoothly. Another strong aspect of this film is the cinematography as the shots are not obtrusive, allowing the characters and performances to tell the story. There are a number of aspects of the acting that I believe are strong, one example being the way the detective evolves throughout the story. Throughout the film the lighting and use of colour is very effective and helps to differentiate between the different locations. One of the film’s weaknesses is the editing because there are a number of cuts that result in confusing reactions from the characters. This may leave the audience feeling like they are missing some important details of the story. The set decoration could be more detailed as having more set decoration would make the film more immersive for the audience. Overall, I am satisfied with how the film turned out and look forward to continuing to hone my film-making skills.