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Directed by interdisciplinary movement artist Giselle Liu “Our Eyes Will Adjust” is an immersive experiential live performance. Including dance, film, new technologies, and live streaming. The set design will transform into an installation for the audience to expand their embodied perception as the observer and the experiencer. 
With three discrete parts to the piece including a live performance, short film, and process room this piece explores Giselle's experiences with illness. 

Senior Supervisor | Robert Kitsos
Supervising Committee | Peter Dickinson and Siying Duan
External Supervisor | Cristina Bucci 
Technical Production | Supervision | Support| Gillian Hanemayer, Nicole Lamb, Miles Lavkulich, Kyla Gardiner, Paula ViitanenAldazosa, Wladimiro Woyno Rodriguez, Jean Routhier, Rodney Fenske, Darryl Strohan, Dylan Walmsley, Leif Liu, Bernice Paet, Zack Faulks, Kenny Sue, Niall
In Co-composition With:
Composer | Charlie Cooper
Technical Director (Phase 2) | Kevin Kiju Kim 
Costume Design | Marsha Roddy and Katherine Liu
Projection and Lighting Design | Jack Chipman
Cinematographer and Photographer | Sydney Bunning
Programmer and Technical Support | Steven Kobza
Videographer and Photographer (Short film in Performance) | Madeline Peacock
Indigenous Studies Advisor | Tina Robinson
Set Design and Installation (Phase 2) | Giselle Liu (Suggestions From Mansi Patel)
Set Design and Co-Techncial Director (Phase 1) | Megan Lane and June Hsu
Special Thanks:
Marsha Roddy, Aakansha Ghosh, Mansi Patel, Olivia Valenza, Faune Ybarra, Bronwen McVeigh, Ellen Yang, Patricia Sterritt, Pearl Innes, Russell Mather, Katherine and Steven Liu, Raymond Liu, Ella Ferland, Jessica Bruce, and Spectrum City Dance.