Rising Tides
Water, City Map, Plastic
With the oceans rising faster than any other time in recent history, coastal flooding is becoming a greater risk with each passing year. One place of particular concern is New York City. Around New York City there has been at least a foot of sea-level rise since 1900 and a rise of between 18 and 50 inches more are expected by 2100. This will leave New York City with widespread, catastrophic flooding. This piece of art highlights this critical environmental issue. 
When creating this piece, I wanted to do everything physically. I decided to place models of key New York City landmarks on top of a water covered map. The final result illustrates how much New York City could change in the coming decades.
Digital Photography
With our dependence on plastic products for everything from toys to food packaging to plastic bags it is very important to have a plan in place for how this plastic can be managed. This is an immense problem since plastic biodegrades at such a slow rate. For example, plastic milk jugs take 500 years to break down. Even when plastic appears to be breaking down it is only chipping off into smaller and smaller sections. These microscopic plastic particles are increasingly found in fish and other ocean creatures. This photo was taken to highlight what is happening to our world’s oceans, beaches, and food supply.
Coca-Cola Cans, Plastic
People all over the world are drinking more sugary carbonated drinks than ever before and major health problems such as obesity and diabetes are approaching epidemic proportions. Additionally, these drinks also cause dental issues. The large quantity of sugar in these drinks can cause tooth decay. Coca-Cola is one of the most popular brands of these drinks. This piece aims to raise awareness about this topic through an easy to digest visual format. 
This piece was accomplished by first creating the graphic that would appear on the inside of the Coke can. The graphic was 3D printed onto the inside of the Coke cans. Which shows a tooth decaying over a series of days when exposed to Coke. I presented these Coke cans by mounting them on a wall and lighting them with different colours to give the cans a more dominant appearance, which emphasizes the extent of the decay.